Find your cup of tea and live happily ever after!

Staghorn Tea Company sources and harvests our Staghorn Sumac from the Coastal Mountain Tops of Maine.  It grows sweeter at elevation and it's kissed by the salty air of the Atlantic Ocean. 
Staghorn Sumac is Nature's Strongest Antioxidant!


I began my tea journey by accident.  I was searching for my favorite lemony spice from my childhood.  I found out it was a spice called “Sumac” (not poisonous lol).  During a hike, I discovered it growing wild on the mountain tops of coastal Maine.  I did some research and learned that sumac grows better at altitude.  I harvested what I could and brought my treasure home.  While reading up on sumacs uses, I discovered it could be used to make tea.  I experimented mixing sumac with orange peel and ginger until I felt I had the right blend.  I also learned about the many health benefits of sumac.  Here are a few:

  • Natures Strongest Antioxidant

  • Regulates Blood Sugar

  • Reduces Cholesterol

  • Strong Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial

  • May reduce bone loss

  • Relieves Muscle Pain

My 11-year-old son quickly became my biggest tea fan.  I started sharing my tea with family and friends.  Not only did they like it, they wanted more!

Now, I am sharing my remarkably tangy and wicked good tea with you!

Thank You,

Joe Macoul